17 September 2017

Equinox Balancing Act ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 16 September 2017

It's interesting that Meg Benedicte used this image with the Infinity symbol in this update about the Libran Equinox and balancing. I've always looked at this powerful symbol as a balanced scale.

Source: New Earth Central

It’s been an intense eclipse season this year, as the global reset is sweeping through the planetary field at warp speed. You may still be feeling the effects of the recent Solar and Lunar Eclipses. The Zero Point decomposition is transforming you from the inside-out! This could be challenging to the body, as outdated code, patterns and programming are being updated with photon-infused consciousness. Take care of your physical health during this extraordinary evolution occurring at the molecular level.

The Zero Point Eclipse is reshuffling timelines – dissolving those timelines harmful to you, to the human race and to the planet. The Solar Eclipse is triggering a lot of upheaval, shaking things up so that the Ascension Timeline anchors and integrates into the earth plane crystalline grid.

We are now absorbing earth-bound Virgo energies, celebrating the upcoming New Moon this Wednesday, September 20 at 27º Virgo. Pay close attention to issues involving ‘savior/victim’ polarity, the Virgo New Moon is bringing this into focus for resolution.

Virgo is the sign of service, highlighting compassionate healers and caring for others. This can swing over the balance point into over-giving, controlling caretaking, self-sacrifice, and martyr resentment. Neutralize the ‘savior/victim’ polarity into your inner Zero Point – set yourself free!

The Equinox balancing act is the theme of the moment…as the sun moves into 0º Libra the day of the Equinox on Friday, September 22nd.  Libra is the sign of ‘balanced scales’, emphasizing more harmony and balancing polarities of masculine/feminine, yin/yang, light and dark.

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