01 September 2017

Fiery Birth of a Golden Age ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S27:E3 ~ 28 August 2017

** Updated 9 September 2017 with notes at the bottom **

This is the third and latest episode of David Wilcock's Wisdom Teachings (Season 8).

I will update this later with some notes once I finish watching it; I have to gift it now before it expires.

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Given decription:
David Wilcock explains that the predictions of a coming solar flash depict the pinnacle of ascension, but first there will be a time of great calamity. We will not be not alone, as we will be joined by an ascended being who will guide us into a new golden age. Throughout the many references to this conclusion of an age, we find descriptions of a cosmic energy which initiates a DNA activation and changes all life on Earth. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast August 28, 2017. 

**Some notes:
  • Insiders from Cosmic Top Secret level have confirmed to DW that some type of Solar Flash event is expected to occur; this is widely known in the Insider community although not many believe it and there are several different interpretations of this
  • Pete Peterson has told DW that there is a belief that the Planetary surface would become inhabitable; Secret Govt intends to seek refuge in underground bunkers since they do not subscribe to Ascension. DW has been told that intensive on-going efforts are being made to build even more underground shelters.
  • (Some texts from decades ago ~ eg. World Evaculation by Tuella ~ tell of massive terra-forming that the Planet will undergo as she prepares to attain a new surface "body", free from pollutants and man-made structures that clog her surface. Inhabitants are supposed to be sheltered in the Agarthan realms while this occur. Also, Dolores Cannon has described, via her clients' QHHT sessions, that terra-forming is something normal that has taken place on other Planets while inhabitants are kept safe underground or in ships. Sheldan Nidle has long maintained that the three submerged ancient continents of Lemuria, Atlantis and Greater Sri Lanka will re-surface. For this to happen, there will be massive movement of the Earth's crusts. I share these as background info, please use your inner guidance as always.)
  • DW asserts that these Planetary upheavals are not to be feared, we just need to understand the process through educating ourselves via ancient texts such as Hindu vedas, which contain numerous references to the Solar Flash event at the end of the age (we're moving out of Kali Yuga into Satya)
  • "Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient East" by W Raymond Drake, read by DW, referred to this Solar Flash as well
  • DW stresses that this is an Ascension-activation event; Corey Goode et al informed DW that people who go through the "space cloud" (Photon Belt?) experience increased metaphysical abilities but negative people go crazy and freak out
  • Many scriptures tell of a parting of ways depending on whether one has positive- or negative-orientation
  • Interstellar rescue plan similar to Noah's ark
  • The idea that Moon is hollow "space craft" with over 10,000 floors suggests that it can be used to transport Life to a new Planet as "seeds" for terra-forming (or, to shelter inhabitants while their Planet is terra-forming?)
  • DNA will be upgraded and re-written as a result of this Solar Flash, or Samvartaka Fire as it's known in the Hindu texts
  • DW reminds us about Dr Gariaev's frog-and-salamander experiment where DNA codes from the salamander are transferred to frog spawn via laser (photon), resulting in the eggs growing into salamanders in just one generation (I've expanded on this a couple of times already so I won't repeat myself)
  • This Flash is believed to occur when we hit a global bottom, the "all-is-lost" point, just like in an addiction. It's the breakthrough or awakening point
  • Quoting from the Mahabharata, DW illustrates some references to this Solar Flash. It is apparent from these examples that this event is something that is widely known. These texts tell of battles between Ascended Beings ~ who possess the same energies as the Samvartaka ~ and Draco/Reptilians where the latter are vanquished

  • "Continence" as in being the vessel for spirituality and "austerities" as in not being concerned with materialism
  • Satya Yuga also known as Krita Yuga
  • DW also quotes text that tell of space ships
  • DW compares the above description to that of Seraphims; no matter where you are, it's as if the Being is looking directly at you
  • The following are descriptions of the Mahadeva, who is compared to the splendour of the Samvartaka

  • DW will refer to Zoroasteran texts in future episodes to show similarities with these Hindu vedas.


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