08 September 2017

Fire in the West and Water in the East…Azoth Purification in the USA and Around the World ~ Lisa Rising Berry ~ 6 September 2017

This article from Lisa Rising Berry has information that some may find beneficial, but it's also for those who feel aligned with the Tibetan Bon practices she is suggesting in order to mitigate the effects of all the extreme weather conditions the Planet is going through.

Source: Rising Frequencies

I have received some constructive criticism that this article is too USA-focused. I have to admit this is true. I live in the US, and our news only bombards us with our national weather issues, when in fact – the whole planet is seeing unprecedented weather events of late – from the strongest typhoons ever recorded in the Pacific ocean (even “twin” typhoons), to the floods devastating a full one third of the country of Bangladesh with more flooding rain in India and New Zealand, to fires and further floods in Canada, and avalanches in the Swiss Alps. No continent nor country is spared.

As for the US – I can only describe the current energies in two words…HOLY CRAP!!!!!! When Harvey came in the Azoth energy was unbalanced due to the Dark Divine Feminine aspect being unleashed/released from her prison.  Now, this Azoth energy is fully balanced, which is something I did not expect to happen so soon.  I really thought it would take at least 2 months for the energy to balance.  But the Dark Feminine that is connected to the Azoth energy is ready to do her thing.  As I have been saying for the past 3 years, this energy has never been on this planet before, and the Dark Feminine has never been able to do her thing before either.  This energy is new and can be absolutely terrifying to those not prepared and in their center.

We have the intense fires in the west and the hurricanes in Texas and the east coast.  This is 100% Azoth energy here in the USA, and it is the most intense energy I have ever felt.  I didn’t know what to expect when this energy came to the USA, but it is far stronger than I ever could have imagined. The USA is a giant cauldron right now.  There are 7 stages to the alchemy of the Azoth energy.  We are currently in the 6th.  I will write a very technically detailed article on this process later this month. What is fascinating is that is is connected to the eggs of creation I have written about this past spring.  The full completion of the Azoth energy is the Golden Egg of the Philosophers Stone, and we are almost there.  We are unfortunately in the worst part of the process, which is the Distillation.  In an alchemy lab/cauldron, the Distillation is when you boil the solution to increase its purity. This is the White Stage of Alchemy.  This will cause the minds of humanity and the elements of the Earth to become irritated.  This irritation is actually necessary to remove impurities from the lower energy imprints that still remain.  On a chemical level it is the boiling and condensation that comprise the Azoth energy.  This is what the fires in the west and the water from the hurricanes are producing.  When water and fire meet, they make steam, which is God/Azoth energy, and is mentioned in the Bible.  The last element in all of this is Wind.  Wind is connected to the White Horse and is what carries this energy to other locations of the planet.

So, basically the USA is one gigantic cauldron right now – a microcosm of the macrocosm – and working for the entire planet.

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