05 September 2017

A Gift from Golden Tara, and a Prayer

Judy Satori's website is here.

Judy has returned from her "Search for the Golden Tara" spiritual quest in Ladakh, India, with a gift transmission to share as well as a prayer.

A Gift from Golden Tara – Opening to JOY

One of the transmissions from Golden Tara was to instill and download JOY.
It is a gift for you.

Listen to Opening to JOY

I also received a prayer from Golden Tara which will assist with opening into your absolute magnificence.

Prayer to the Golden Tara

Beloved Golden Tara… 
With love I connect to you 
I give thanks for your continued presence in my life 
guiding me into the NEW. 
I am grateful that I move through change with Grace and that 
my highest good comes to me now. 
I see myself as JOY and I express JOY in every moment of my life. 
I am positively expectant that all my needs are met
and that your light is overshadowing me always. 
Thank you for the blessings that flow to me now. 

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