11 September 2017

Inner Climate Change and New Beam Plan ~ Stephanie South ~ 10 September 2017

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift Kin 109: Red Overtone Moon

When the pattern of human life becomes too stagnant and self-destructive, we return to Earth again. –Galactic Maya.

Purificatory fires and emotional flooding are spilling over into the third dimension. Whirling and clashing belief systems, monster hurricanes, volcanoes and shaking at the earth’s core.

Frequency wars are being amplified. The heat is being turned up on all fronts. On September 6, Kin 105, the sun produced two massive X-class flares, the most powerful and strongest in a decade. This is extremely significant as the Sun is Key to everything (see previous blog on Solar consciousness).

On Kin 108 (September 8, 2017) Chiapas, Mexico was hit with the largest earthquake ever recorded in modern history. This was coupled by mysterious blue and green lights in the sky. This was accompanied by Hurricane Katia.

Also on kin 108 we saw Coronal mass ejections and solar super storms along with Hurricane Jose following Irma.

According to the Law of Time we are in the midst of biosphere-noosphere transition, which is nothing less than the Totality of Transformation of the Entire Spectrum of Life and Reality as we know it.

As the elements transform and the foundational structure crack, ventilation points are opened allowing for new patterns of perception and behavior.

If we could, we would cancel the heavy requiting blow which looms over humanity and the Planet. But for the Spirit to be liberated, the fetters must be broken. Thus purification accompanies the closing of accounts. The sky darkens when the storm breaks. Yet, when it is over, deep peace pervades. Our disciples are called the Sowers of the Future, for in the midst of darkness they herald peace. — –Trigueirinho

Root of Problem

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan proclaimed that the root of the world problem is the creation of a false and artificial timing frequency (12:60) which drives human life as if humans were machines. He saw that as human society becomes more “civilized,” nature is increasingly ignored in favor of virtual reality. And we live in a fragile system based on the functioning of the electromagnetic field.

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