11 September 2017

Irma Weakens

National Hurricane Centre
A personal note before I continue ~ although so much of focus is on USA at the moment, we also need to be aware that there are many millions elsewhere whose lives have been devastated by floods, earthquakes, as well as the same Hurricane Irma.

Flooding in South Asia:

Earthquake in Mexico:

Irma, in the Carribean:

In Western USA, fires:
They also need to be considered when we do our global meditations, and perhaps more meaningfully, in our own daily meditations or prayers. The Planetary situation at the moment seems to be very close to breaking point (perhaps it has to come to that in order to break free?) ~ let's continue to do whatever we can, in our own way, to help the situation.

Back to Irma.

I found two different sources that report Irma being downgraded to just a Category 1, or with a much reduced windspeed:

This is very encouraging news indeed!

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