11 September 2017

Judy Satori: Update ~ 11 September 2017

Source: Judy Satori

Several people have contacted me in the past few days saying that they don't feel well and that they are experiencing various degrees of physical pain. It is like the matrix and bigger picture of life on Earth is changing and Earth itself is throwing off the old to begin the new. We are all adjusting to Earth energy change as we are living energy conduits intimately connected to Earth energy and vibration.

We are of course also feeling the energy effects of earthquakes and extreme weather conditions such as has been experienced in the Caribbean and currently being experienced in the USA. I feel a strong, rather painful energy running through my whole body constantly and have had these symptoms for the past week to ten days.

Spirit tell me that it is adaptation and adjustment to the extreme energy changes that are affecting Earth and as a side effect also affecting US. We are seeing these ascension cycle changes reflected in climate change, extreme weather events and Earth changes. Eat lots of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables and drink lemon water to offset the acidic nature of the energy re-calibration. Go for fast walks. Grounding in nature really helps. It has been raining here with thunder, lightning and storms. I have not felt much like getting out and walking, but have noticed that I feel much better when I do.

I am beginning again today to re-listen to "Opening to the New You", the short audio recording that is on the home page of my website, www.JudySatori.com Listen three times at one session for three days. I feel it will help with the energy adjustments. x

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