19 September 2017


Life, for me, over the course of 2017 so far, has been surreal-stressful-miraculous-detached- insightful-testing-challenging-joyful-peaceful and full of Synchronicity. Did I mention "testing"?

And if the correspondence from several others is an indication, this has been what 2017 is like for many, in general.

It feels like the Planet and Humanity are under siege, amplified.

So many things have happened, and are currently happening, that stretch Humanity's resilience to its utter maximum. It has been repeatedly said that we'll go through the darkest of the dark before we start to rise up again. For Humanity's sake, I sure hope we're just a fibre optic's breadth away from the bottom.

I would like to say something that's not remotely as severe as what many displaced people are going through right now (not just extreme weather but also "civil" wars ~ not in the least bit civil ~ and strife stemming from other manipulated causes), but nevertheless it warrants mention, simply because it is symbolic of the insanity that has ruled Humanity for far too long.

I don't know how many more times I can listen politely to family/friends' discussions about so-and-so getting a state-of-the-art (barbaric) knee replacement, or going to that specialist centre for (ditto) cancer treatment, or buying that latest condo unit that's taken the place of some formerly lush landscape, or using some high-tech latest gadget (that comes with dangerous health risks), before I moan very loudly "Nonononono-o-o-o!!!!! They are all abominations of Life!!!"

Anyway, after spending some time reading through the devastation left behind by the recent hurricanes and typhoons ~ and some places getting hit the second time ~ I felt I need to write about something inspiring. So I'll share a nice story and a couple of amazing pictures here.

The first image is the one at the top. It was taken by a friend while he was in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. He's not tech-savvy at all, so the question of using a filter doesn't even come in.

Now my story.

I recently embarked on an out-of-state Lightwork project that turned out to be a lot more complicated than I first imagined. I had to enlist the assistance of two non-Lightworker friends because there was no way I could have performed it alone. Thankfully, they can be considered fairly non-mainstream, so I ended up disclosing many things to them to nudge them along the path of awakening. Synchronicity placed them on my path, and I am so grateful for their participation, without which my project would have struggled to even get off the starting block.

During the initial discussion with them, we decided that given the time we had, we would only be able to complete half the project. That was already considered very good, since there were many unknown factors that we had to encounter along the way.

I'm not able to reveal more than I can write (and believe me, if I could, the story would be even more amazing!) but what seemed like a massive project potentially riddled with difficulty, proceeded smoothly, quickly and almost effortlessly! Not only did we complete the entire project, but we did so in such a short period of time!

All throughout the project, Synchronicity after Synchronicity occurred, to the extent that my friends are now new Lightworkers who are believers in the unseen and undisclosed, and are ready to be in service. I had called upon several Higher Beings to guide and protect us, as well as employed whatever spiritual tool I could think of to help the project along.

During the second and last evening of my stay (after the project was completed), I was messaging my friends a simple guide in using the Violet Flame to clear their auric fields. After I sent them the message, and as I was about to begin my own Violet Flame meditation, a light suddenly went on outside my hotel room window:
Violet light!!

Believe me when I say I saw no such light on the first night of my stay.

While the world "out there" continues churning what needs to be churned, we need to stay aligned with our own path and spiritual practices. It's easy to allow the more negative streams in our Life to distract and sway us away from what we need to do for ourselves and the Planet, but staying the course is very much a non-negotiable option for us, increasingly so as we determinedly and persistently head in the right direction. We will see Synchronicity unfolding at every turn, and we will know for sure that we are on our own track.

Stay safe, be strong and keep those vibes high!

Namaste and Blessings 💖

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