02 September 2017

Long Island (Daily) and Weekly Ascension (Sunday) Meditations Reminder

The latest update at The Portal shows that we are, yet again, back at black alert.

This comes in the wake of the State of Mission Report which seems to suggest that the Black Stone is "cleared" ~ and of course, this is just my own interpretation (as well as several others....). They must be getting beyond desperate.

Regardless of what the actual status is, and whether the Black Stone is cleared or otherwise, let's keep up the daily Long Island Meditation as well as tomorrow's Ascension Meditation, especially since we're at black alert, which we've been slipping into a number of times in the past months, against the constant "red".

Please also do whatever you are guided to help ease the situation. I'm well aware that many of you are amazing creator beings and have shared with me your incredible practices to assist in the liberation process, and I thank you once again!

Long Island (daily) Meditation details here.
Weekly Ascension (Sunday) Meditation ~ details at the fb page, or at The Portal.


  1. yes, still necessary, because now GR slid back from + into failure (aka - I guess).

  2. Thanks, Lee....also Wednesday's meditation as per Untwine. Blessings