17 September 2017

Magnetic Crystal Star Seeds Event Message from the Pleiadians ~ Gabriel Raio Lunar ~ 16 September 2017

Source: Disclosure News Italia

The Pleiadians report that with the Star Seeds Event last weekend in Curitiba, Brazil, there was such a wave of crystalline energy sweeping the city and neighboring points that echoed throughout the Planet as a “magnetic alert“.

This alert will eventually bring more souls to this region in a way that will help sustain the intense magnetism of this place.

Curitiba is one of the great Magnetic Portals and great concentrator of Star Seeds.
I myself was inspired by the Light Forces to stay here when I was just passing by, and so I did.

In Curitiba there is a large Magnetic Crystal (etheric, non-physical) that is being built layer by layer.

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** Gabriel's own site is Sementes Das Estrelas

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