08 September 2017

Not An Enemy....

Let's drench our Planet with LOVE!  
Emmanuel Dagher

Guys....a personal plea, please....

This hurricane, or any other extreme weather (whether geo-engineered or not) is neither an enemy nor a demon.

Please avoid "fighting" it or using harsh words to describe it.

Please refrain from using energy "blasts" in an effort to "kill" it.

Please don't even entertain the notion that you need to battle it.

As a side story, a few years ago, we were enveloped in thick haze from fires in a neighbouring country. It was the worst haze that we had experienced in many years. It was expected to last for days and the health authorities were already closing schools and issuing health masks.

I called for a small group of individuals to meditate to clear the skies. 

We sent LOVE to heal the skies, and asked Mother Gaia to assist.

In less than 12 hours, we had rain that effectively cleared the haze. We kept it up for another day, and by then much of the country was free from haze.

Thank you so much for understanding 💖🕉️

Namaste and Blessings!


  1. Yes exactly Mother Sekhmet/Nekhbet/Nephthys Grace ~

    The White Pearlescent Morning Star and Earth Mother you are ~

    This is a great post.

    Yes indeed....

    We are alll here not just to be calm inside the Storm, but to "Make Love" inside the Storm ~

    Making Love to raise the vibrations which then in turn, dissolve it.

    Dissolve the Storm to Reveal the Rainbows so All can see clearly now.


    Earth is no Basket Star stuck in a plasma cage anymore Folks ~

    This Stargate is Open Now!

    And Diamond Rainbow Light is pouring in FAST for All of us to drink in.

    However, All means that for most, The Light hurts the eyes at first, but as soon as they can adjust to see The Pearlecent Rainbows in The Light, they will crave it More & More.

    We are here on the surface of Planet Earth at this vector of time, to help those that have had with their eyes shut for so long, to learn to adjust to The Light...

    To reveal & heal by sharing around The Rainbows for All to see and for ALL to feel it's Love...

    To feel the Love that lives inside The Rainbows

    1. Thank you, I totally agree! Blessings