17 September 2017

On-Going Daily Meditations: Talim, Jose & Long Island

The Divine Balance
In an effort to streamline information, this post is for all three meditations with respective links, and will stay sticky for the time-being.

14-18 September 2:30pm GMT (time converter here)   Details here

On-going daily at 4pm GMT (time converter here)   Details here

Long Island
On-going daily at 2pm GMT (time converter here)   Details here or at the FB page.

The good news:

Doksuri is dissipating:
Talim is weakening:

It may not be possible or practicable for some to do all three. If so, my suggestion is to do one, and generalise it by bathing the entire Planet in pink light and plenty of Love. Just follow your guidance ~ it's better to do one general one if that's all you are able, rather than none at all :)

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