19 September 2017

Opening to Spirit ~ Judy Satori ~ 19 September 2017

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Twenty years and six months ago, almost to the day, I began the greatest journey of my life when I connected to my first ever spiritual guide Balthazar.

The day remains crystal clear in my mind. It was March 1997 and I had received in the mail a LEARN TO CHANNEL workshop brochure. To this day I don’t know who sent it, but I felt compelled to enroll for the two day weekend event.

Often when we go through major positive change in our lives the run up to the change does not feel very pleasant. And so it was for me. I was running late. I felt stressed and could not find the venue. I sat in a coffee shop berating myself for not checking out the location better in advance and feeling annoyed and frustrated.
You see, I think that there was a part of me that was not quite committed
and my higher self was checking out whether I wanted to stay entrenched
in my same old story of life, or whether I actually wanted change and
wanted to move forward. I was procrastinating.
The brochure I received in the mail was like a ‘carrot’ of opportunity being dangled in front of me.

My choice was whether to give up, to sit and read the paper and go shopping, or to make an effort and FIND THE PLACE. It was tempting to give up. My life had been fairly challenging thus far and truly I did not expect any miracles. I did not have a strong spiritual connection.

Something inside of me pushed me on … I remember feeling a pit of discomfort and sadness in my gut, (my intuition – the voice of my higher self), and a realization that I kept on wanting change, but that I gave up on myself too easily and nothing ever seemed to shift!
We all get lots of opportunities presented to us in life, 
but the question is

I got up, paid for my coffee and, with a new and different resolve, I quickly found the venue. The woman running the course took one look at my stressed out self and gave me a large dose of rescue remedy, but as the day went on I relaxed and became excited about what I was experiencing. I haven’t looked back since!


This event changed my life and has opened up everything for me in my work and in my personal life. The workshop was the catalyst that five years later opened me to automatically speak the spiritual "Languages of Light". My entire life opened and blossomed from this first connection with Spirit.

At the workshop, I saw Balthazar in my inner sight as a tall dark man with black eyes wearing and purple robe. He looked Persian. He told me that in a previous life we had been connected when he was Balthazar, one of the three Magi.

What convinced me it was true and I was not making it all up was that when Balthazar’s energy meshed with my energy field I shook violently. I knew I could not fabricate this! For several years thereafter my voice changed whenever I connected with him.

Connecting with Spirit is a skill that we can all learn to do. It just takes 
practice. My spiritual connection, first with Balthazar and then with 
many of the Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings and Multi-Galactics 
has been THE KEY to my own spiritual advancement.

I taught a short 30 minute class on how to increase your connection with Spirit when I was in Singapore recently and I would like to share it with you as a catalyst to your own spiritual activation and opening.

Even if you already connect well with Spirit you will be assisted to go beyond previous abilities and maybe connect to that place that I know and speak of as BEYOND THE BEYOND.

In the audio, I say to call upon the highest level guide aligned to you from the Light, but you can just as easily say, “I ask to connect to my highest level guide from Beyond the Beyond.” Beyond the Beyond just means that you are opening to multi-galactic connections from all of the 22 galaxies that make up the 22 galaxy Multi-Galactic Diamond, our human and Earthly source of a more potent and powerful God/Creation energy.

Opening Your Connection to Spirit

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