01 September 2017

Our Multifaceted and Multidimensional Self ~ Galactic Historian ~ 31 August 2017

** No one's origins are from here on Earth and everyone returns
from where they came.  ~ Mynzah **

Source: Galactic Historian

When you sleep, you close off your physical consciousness and open up your consciousness
to the true, higher dimensional reality. 

In other words, when you “go to sleep,” you log-out of the 3D hologram and return to the reality of your SELF to have adventures and communicate with higher beings,including the higher expressions of your self.

We are NOW ready to experience ourselves as the Multifaceted and Multidimensional Self.

Our Future Selves are converging with us to Unify as ONE

Embracing the light into our heart space!

-GH Team

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