09 September 2017

Palpable Unfoldments: Cosmic, Global and Internal Reformations ~ Sandra Walter ~ 8 September 2017

** Solar & Geomagnetic effects on the body are what they are.
Take note of shifts in your consciousness;
changes to your energy fields, heart centre, visions, thoughts and choices.
Surrending to the experience of pure UNITY consciousness is a clear indication
of higher timeline choice.   Sandra Walter **

VERY important update for those who feel aligned with the guidance from Sandra Walter. I'm glad Sandra Walter pointed something that I'm sure many would have also realised ~ after blasting Saturn and Mars, it's now Gaia's and our turn to receive these mind-numbingly (literally!) intense energies from the Great Central Sun via our beautiful Sun, that are creating massive clearings from ALL fronts imaginable, both on a micro- and macro-level.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Gratitude to all holding space during this Full Moon week integration. Obviously, this is a strong series of clearings and restructuring initiated by the August Gateway and eclipse. Even though it appears to be USA focused at the moment, this will radiate out from the eclipse activation (North America) soon.

Our Full Moon integration week brought strong X and M class Solar Flares, Geomagnetic storms from CME impacts which will unfold throughout the weekend, and associated Earthquake, elemental adjustments (weather), and plenty of Service work for all Lightworkers to attend to. Choose your area of expertise and assist in stability, integration and balance as these eclipse and timeline-split related frequencies provide a more palpable, physical experience for the entire collective.

As always, the effects on the body vehicle are what they are. Be sure to take note of the shifts in your consciousness; changes to the energy fields, heart center, visions, thought patterns and choices are amplified during this phase of our Ascension. The experience of collective UNITY consciousness, rather than personal symptoms, is a clear indication of timeline choice. More on that next week. Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, and those in Service are busy assisting – not preventing – all of these clearings and adjustments to unfold with as much ease and grace as possible.

Trinity Stargate Influence

This latest click in the combination lock includes the encodements from the Trinity Stargate convergence, which activated *all systems GO* for the highest trajectory of the September Equinox and associated alignments – on a collective level. The effects across the USA are evidenced by the elementals, and are a benevolent alchemical phenomenon.

As the Team mentioned last month, It’s our turn – meaning Gaia will be receiving more cosmic frequencies (flares, storms, etc.) which we have usually been shielded from during Earth-facing quiet passages. Since the Trinity Stargate convergence of the eclipse, Solaris has entered the edges of the *hot zone* of dimensional-shifting geometries and photonic-encoded light.

Please read on....

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