26 September 2017


Aurora Borealis from ISS ~ Canada Journal
This is a brief account of what I felt after the Equinox. It's taken me some time to get to this, and for good reason, which I will get to during the course of my summary. As this is my personal story, it doesn't necessarily apply to anyone else or is to be considered as "the" truth.

Before I get to that, however, I would like to mention that Maria has finally dropped its windspeed to about 70 knots/80mph (Cyclocane) at this time of writing. It seems to me that Maria has been lingering around for such an unusually long time, already about 10 days since I first knew about it.

Back to the Equinox experience. Since the meditation was 4:02 am my local time, I naturally factored in a few hours' of sleep before it was scheduled to commence. That didn't work out as I expected ~ I couldn't sleep a wink!

The most accurate manner in which I can describe the energies is to liken it to bandwidth. It was as if whatever bandwidth was there for the energies to come gushing through was at bursting point ~ the available bandwidth ("delivery system" is another way of looking at it) couldn't quite cater or accommodate the "nature" and "reach" of the frequencies. Once again, these energies had yet another new signature, a new "feel". Not intense as to be unbearable, but that in no way means that they weren't powerful.

So there I was, wide awake but in a calm, still state. It didn't feel that long but I figured that it must have gone past 3 am when I finally decided to get up and do some reading before the meditation. As I turned on my phone to switch off the alarm, it showed 3:33 am:
A very encouraging sign, indeed.

The meditation went well, and I personally felt very good throughout its duration. I had no trouble falling asleep after that.

The energies on the following day had a nice feel to it, very much like what I felt prior to the meditation when I was unsuccessfully trying to get some sleep. I also heard from a few people who shared basically the same view, and there were several Synchronicities that unfolded throughout the day, including many numerical sequences, a couple of which I remembered to record. All very good, I told myself.
11:11 on the left, 13:13 on the right (circled in red)

Then, the next day, on Sunday (my time), I couldn't quite feel the energies that strongly. I didn't think too much about it, but for the rest of the day, it was as if a layer of something murky and toxic had permeated through. If I had to put this feeling into words, I would say that it's as though an octopus had been attacked, and in its defence, it squirted out its jet black ink ~ this "ink" was the murkiness I had sensed.

Yes, I'm well and truly aware that it sounds as if I'm making a direct reference to the plasma entity. This isn't my intention at all, but it certainly is the ONLY way I can best describe that toxic murkiness that day. And as if to further punctuate this change in frequency, I encountered an unpleasant experience that took me by surprise. Fun factor: Absolute Zero.

On Monday, the energies felt increasingly better as the day progressed. The energies started to "look" clearer.

I don't know what this all means, or if I'm even remotely sensing it accurately. I'm just reporting my own experience.

This morning (Tuesday) when I woke up, I remembered fleeting images of dreams, and had one thought ~ "holding". What I can decipher from the images and the word "holding" is that we are in holding pattern (again!) before the next phase can begin, but meanwhile we'll be bombarded with lots of distractions and disturbances to deflect our focus and attention. I feel it's important to keep ourselves on track as much as possible and not get too wobbly on our path. It would seem that this "message" (for myself, at least, if not for anyone else) is what I had to wait for before I could get to this post.

One last thing ~ neither solar flare nor geomagnatic storm showed up in the couple of days following the Equinox as expected, and the Schumann Resonance is relatively calm. That just adds to my feeling that the murkiness sort of dampened things quite a bit.

Namaste and Blessings!

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