02 September 2017

Solar Eclipse Report Part II: The Aftermath … Now What? + News ~ Jim Tourtsakis ~ 31 August 2017

Source: Return To Your Truth (includes link to radio show)

Based on feedback, last week’s article titled ‘Solar Eclipse Report Part I: Atlantis & America’ … brought some tears & moved quite a few people. Probably because it spelt-out (thus, brought true clarity) to why & how old-fashioned patriotism for Americana is intrinsically a spiritual ‘thing’ … that’s based on leading humanity out of the black … dark … murkiness of the 3D densities. Not necessarily by ascending, but by transmuting all remaining depths of darkness & the Primary Anomaly itself …

… so that all that’s left is Goddess … Source … the LIGHT.

No more duality … Just divine polarities in all their expressions, making eternal love.

If that’s your kind-of-thing … (because it certainly is mine) … then join us for this special Thursday edition of Ground Crew Command, where we discuss & explore the profound ramifications & implications of the massive breakthrough of the Solar Eclipse EVENT … that is still not fully understood … comprehended … or processed by many.
Please read on....

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