06 September 2017

Trinity Stargate Integration: Tonight's Full Moon and Geomagnetic storms ~ Sandra Walter ~ 6 September 2017

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The thick wildfire smoke in Northern California became too intense for constant exposure while camping on the mountain. I migrated South and am enjoying my Incarnate Anniversary in Sedona! I AM blessed with a lovely place to stay for a few weeks. Feel free to connect with me for co-creations while I AM here.

Tonight's Full Moon (peak at 12:04 am PT Wednesday) marks a further integration opportunity for the Trinity Stargate activation of the eclipse. Geomagnetic storms from a very large CME are already affecting Gaia's energy fields, and will intensify as the week unfolds.

Get outside and receive, receive, receive. These are DNA-amplifying frequencies which open your internal stargates. All Gatework is focused on opening the New Earth Gateways, now that the Crystalline Grid has received it's activation codes. Meditate on it and witness the changes occurring; this is a powerful month for the planetary consciousness.

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  1. Thanks for posting all of the updates you do. So great to see Sandra's smile. :)

    1. You're most welcome! Sandra's shining :) Blessings