28 September 2017

Urgent Meditation for Agung, Bali at 3:30pm GMT ~ DAILY

John Lana
Please read the details at Prepare For Change.

Please check here for your local time:

I feel compelled to add my own suggestion here.

Not everyone is able to join all the ongoing daily meditations that have accumulated over the past days, especially on a daily basis.

Perhaps just do one main one, and include all the current concerns in that one meditation? The daily Long Island one is pertinent, I feel, because it deals with the toplets ~ the last thing that's keeping Earth and Humanity hostage. All the other concerns can be added to this meditation.

** Updated: 29 September 2017
In view of the fact that Cobra posted the Toplet Removal Meditation from Spear of Light, I suggest consolidating everything into this meditation instead.

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