01 October 2017

Trouble Accessing Gaia TV via Free Viewing Link

** Update 3: Gaia TV has responded:
"Thanks for reaching out and for the information. Chrome and FireFox work best with our website. However, if you are watching Gaia on a mobile device I would recommend downloading our app. If you search Gaia meditation you should see it. It has a teal background with white writing that says Gaia. 

Please let me know if you need anything else and I'd be happy to help :)

Thanks and good vibes."

** Update2: Confirmed ~ Firefox on my mobile and PC devices works just fine.
Opera on all devices didn't work. **

** Update: I did a bit more checking. I tried the link on my phone and tablet, blank screen. Then I tried it on my notebook, and it was working fine. While waiting for Gaia TV's response, I suggest you view from your PC or non-mobile device.
It could be an OS issue, or even browser preference.
Firefox on my notebook (PC) worked fine.
Opera on my mobile devices, no. **

I have received feedback from many that all they got was a blank screen when they tried to view this episode. I have written to Gaia TV about this, and once they respond I will update again. 

I have also asked that they reset the clock back to 48 hours. I haven't watched this episode yet myself (I had until 30 September to utilise my last gift for the month) so I don't know how important the information is in the episode. Sorry about this, I'll get back to you soon! 

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