18 November 2017

A Higher Dimensional Account of Creation – Part X: Consciousness ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi ~ 26 January 2017

This is just a section provided on Mohsen's fb page:

It is explicated that there are two aspects of congealed light of consciousness that give rise to our ‘physical’ reality by a way of thought and emotional energy. These include space and matter, of which space is an illusory concept, but provides a convenient venue for life experimentation.

Innerspace, however, is quite real. It is a forum in which the units of consciousness are at play. And, consciousness originates from the ‘Divine Mind’ of the Prime Creator, what the author refers to as the SOURCE.

The Prime Creator gives each and every sentient being its consciousness, and is the originator of the ALL THAT EXIST or CAN EXIST by what is referred to as the ‘First Cause’ of creation. All sentient beings exist as the constituent parts of the body of the Prime Creator, which is referred to as the ‘cosmos.’

As the offspring of the Prime Creator, all sentient beings are, in essence, co-creators, a fact that constitutes the ‘Second Cause’ of creation. Life signifies dynamism, a venue for consciousness expansion, which is attained through spiritual education via experimentation in space with matter, effectuated through proper utilization of thought and emotional energies.

The frequencial energies originally conceived by the Divine Mind of our Prime Creator as the First Cause, are presorted via the Second Cause of co-creation and woven as the fabric of our reality, which are, subsequently, streamed upon us to form our sojourns of life with the singular mission to effect spiritual education culminating in our consciousness expansion, and inevitably, that of the cosmos.

Thus overall, there are only two phenomena of significance: the life experiences, and their culmination in consciousness expansion.

The process of God SOURCE seeding the matrix of awareness through the pixels of minute particulate involves what is termed flashing units of consciousness, electromagnetic units that pulse in and out of all realities in a strobe of light flash. And, consciousness is disseminated through the conversion of the innerspace into light via the Engine of Light, in which the internal structure of the innerspace containing units of consciousness is transformed to bands of light with myriad of distinct frequencies.

In this regard, our universe continuously flashes in and out in a pulsing sequence of light energy frames that consist of the consciousness units distributed in such a way that they are reduced from the inner to the outer circles of the cosmos. This means the outer (lower) dimensions have a considerably lower light quotients than the inner (higher) dimensional parts of the cosmos.

These flashing energy units are geometric in nature, and occur with a relatively short ‘life’ span. The Engine of Light operates as the conscious generator of all pulsing creation, flashing within and without sacred energy units that can be termed as consciousness codes in the form of geometric light particulates into all universes and time sequence probabilities. And, the primary mechanism by which the Engine of Light is operational is through the conversion of matter to antimatter and vice versa via the black and white holes, respectively.

In this respect, the black holes collect the futile stale energies of matter and relay them to the infinitesimal white holes that revitalize these energies via the advent of antimatter energy before being released into the cosmos. And, the sequencing of energy in and energy out creates a flashing effect within the consciousness and time sequence of our reality. This mechanism of flashing pulse of consciousness is akin to having our oversoul occupying the hub of a carousel that disseminates the light of consciousness sequentially onto its constituent souls residing on the rim of the wheel. Upon receiving the light of consciousness composed of coded light that are comprised of pre-sorted programs of reality, a soul, in turn, may be envisioned to inhabit the center of a smaller carousel of consciousness, distributing the light onto its soul aspects dwelling at the rim of this smaller wheel of consciousness.

Our oversoul, and in turn, our soul are calibrated within the flashing sequence. The soul aspect, on the other hand, coexists on many layers of time sequence. In essence, we exist in the conscious eternal NOW. The unpredictability of all the soul aspects allows the formation and the fulfillments of infinitely varying patterns, potentials, and probabilities. And, beyond our oversoul, beyond our divine self, there is another higher self and beyond that, still another, of which our oversoul is intimately aware. Thus, there is always another level above us to grow into.

In essence, we are constantly engaged in a spiritual career, having always another curriculum to follow as a way of acquiring a never-ending state of accomplishment. And, the extent of consciousness may be measured in terms of a phenomenon that the author refers to as propinquity, one’s closeness with respect to the SOURCE.

In terms of light, this may be expressed as the light quotient or frequency of vibration. Moreover, a detailed discussion of the nature of our consciousness has been presented with a particular reference to our energetic structure.

For more, please visit Quantum Mechanics of the Cosmos.

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