24 November 2017

Anchoring Your Fifth-Dimensional Base Chakra ~ Tim Whild ~ 23 November 2017

Here for the video.
  • Going through yet another enormous shift that's affecting all
  • A global heart trigger for all, including those considered asleep, raising consciousness
  • This isn't the same planet it used to be, energetically, in any shape, way or form
  • We are going through changes ourselves
  • Our base chakra now platinum, no longer red, Summer Solstice 2014 we received our new 12-chakra blueprint
  • Base chakra is our driving force when we are called into action or mastery
  • This chakra dictates the pace of integration of higher energies
  • We are becoming more and more of our Higher Self
  • Meditation follows
  • I Am an ascended Master
  • I Am my Higher Self.

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