29 November 2017

Cobra Interview by Iruka Umino 2017 ~ 27 November 2017

The original article appears here, in Japanese. The one below is the translated version.

Source: Paradism Hatena Blog

Iruka: In Japan, attacks to Light Workers have been substantially reduced since the beginning of 2017. What can be the causes for this?

Cobra: Cobra: Advanced light technologies (Tachyon chambers, Mandala laser systems...)

Iruka: While taking a Tachyon healing chamber, may we connect with Pleiadians,Siriuns and angels?

Cobra: Yes.

Iruka: Such connection may continue even after chamber session?

Cobra: Yes.

Iruka: Can you please raise effects and merits of Tachyon chambers that are not widely been known?

Cobra: Tachyon chamber connect you with your I AM presence.

Iruka: I heard that Tachyonized Farden Quartz and Aquamarine has an effect to connect with a mother ship of the Galactic Confederation. Are there any other minerals that have a similar effect?

Cobra: Aquamarine is the best stone to connect with the mother ships.

Iruka: Are there any minerals that enable us to connect with Ascended masters?

Cobra: Goshenite.

Iruka: How Aquamarine , Morganite and Goshenite as you recommended are great? What sort of secrete is hidden in beryl minerals?

Cobra: Beryl minerals have hexagonal crystal structures which is the most powerful sacred geometry form to connect with the light.

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