25 November 2017

Divine Self in Fullness ~ Paul Selig ~ 24 November 2017

Source: Empath1111

“I am now choosing to activate my Divine Self in fullness. I am now choosing to align myself to the frequency of light. And I am now choosing to become aware of myself as a being vibrating in frequency.”

We will tell you this. How we see you is perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect. You are perfect creations having an experience here on this plane that is teaching you and bringing you into awareness of who and what you are in truth. So when we say, “See yourself as you truly are, hold a vision for who you are,” you would like it if we were to tell you, “You look great, you have a lot of money, you’re surrounded by loving friends and living in the home of your dreams in perfect health.”

Well guess what, everybody. That’s your choice. That’s part of your choice, at least, as you begin to manifest in consciousness. But holding the vision of who you are in perfection means something very, very different.

“I am now choosing to realize and to know myself in my freedom as an aspect of the Creator in form. I am now choosing to align my energy field in full activation of my divine worth, my divine accessibility to my own information and to my awareness of my remarkable splendor, I am now choosing to see myself as beautiful in the highest way possible, which is, of course, as an aspect of the Creator in form. I am Word though my being. Word I am Word.”

Paul Selig –The Book of Love and Creation
A channeled text

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