23 November 2017

Fear ~ Paul Selig ~ 22 November 2017

Source: Empath1111

When you are frightened of something, you call it to you. Now if you call it to you, you have the choice in how you deal with it in consciousness. You can work with it and realign yourself to the higher frequency in order to become free, which is to say, you recognize it for what it is, and then you move forward in your higher frequency, or you go into it, you do battle, and let the best man win.

But frankly, most of you when you are engaging in your fear are surrendering to the fear and letting fear have its way. There is really nothing there but an abnegation of self-worth and power in frequency.

“I am Word through my releasing of those fears that would keep me in low frequency. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Paul Selig –The Book of Love and Creation
A channeled text

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