20 November 2017

Immune System of the Planet ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 15 June 2016

Source: Laura Eisenhower

When a disaster happens on this planet, related to weather, war or anything that involves violence, suffering, pain or death ~ it is a call to action. We are the white blood cells and immune system of the planet, if we so choose to be.

Let these events be a wake up call to self, about what frequency we are holding. If our response is blame, anger and a feeling of helplessness to the forces that trigger these events, we should step back and reset the energy and let it inspire one to to do the inner work more fiercely, to love more deeply, to open the heart to the collective in a more expansive way through the power of prayer, intention and determination to be a part of the healing vibration, a vibration that can override the ability of these other forces to continue to create tragedy as a mechanism to sink us into despair or fear, whether they be artificially induced, a conspiracy or a natural response from Mother Earth in her attempt to create balance.

We must not ignore our own bodily symptoms when they alert us to something that we must address on a root level and it doesn't always work to expect something outside of ourselves to fix it, if we don't first take a stand in our own lives. We know we can only heal through boosting our own immune system, rather than owning that we are a victim to everything negative that befalls us.

Whatever the response to outer events or events in our own lives - if we stay heart-centered, pro-active and inspired to action, this will amplify and illuminate the solution; it will be effective if we stay focused on being in a vibration of unity, wisdom and devotion to positive change and we all share in a collective purpose to understand what that means for us as individuals.

Our unified field is the immune system of the planet. It is our honest response to all we experience and witnesss in life. Its about building deeper bonds with self and our loved ones and family.

All of this will ripple out to all and disable the constant threats to our security, freedom and ultimate well-being as individuals and as a Whole.

~ Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

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