24 November 2017

Large Scale Structures in the Universe - Resonance Science Foundation

What we can't see our detect doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And what has been seen or detected doesn't meant we understand it. It's good to see such "discoveries" unfolding at an unprecedented rate.

Judy Satori has mentioned that Milky Way is part of a 22-galaxy diamond-shaped cluster, with the Great Central Sun in the middle. There is a section of Laniakea that looks like a diamond. And isn't it interesting about the Hawaiian names? Laniakea (immense heaven), Oumuamua (messenger from afar)....

Source: Resonance Science Foundation

Based on a universal scaling law, Nassim Haramein showed in 2008 in his paper "Scale Unification - A Universal Scaling Law for Organized Matter" that from macro to micro cosmos all matter follows the same pattern, the same geometry illustrating this with superclusters self-organizing and generating a vast latticework of cuboctahedron.

In 2014, astronomers have completed this theory by identifying the ginormous supercluster of galaxies that our own Milky Way galaxy is part, called "Laniakea," which means "immense heaven" in Hawaiian. This discovery clarified the boundaries of our galactic neighborhood and established previously unrecognized linkages among various galaxy clusters in the local Universe. With it, astronomers had finally established the contours that define the supercluster of galaxies we can call home.

From these results, we now have a very interesting dynamic map of our local galactic group showing how all these objects are moving together.

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