20 November 2017

Mime of Life: the Force is with You ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 18 November 2017

Source: Think With Your Heart

November (a universal 3 month→manifestation) is turning out to be quite a productive month with many magical moments and elements of unexpected surprise.  While not without its challenges, this month has been assisting us to bring to fruition some very long held desires in preparation for next year, the universal TWO year, in which we begin to include others and the world around us as veritable extensions of Self.

Where we complete the lessons/learnings of this universal ONE year of individuation, of reclaiming our sovereignty, we will then be supported to weave our independent GOD thread into the collective fabric of our unifying world. This is where our special uniqueness meets a need in society and those who are conscious of/practiced at the basic holographic laws of the YOUniverse will certainly have the edge here.

As we finalize the overarching intention of this year, each of us is shifting trajectories in our own perfect way…aligning with brand new soul directives that will enable us to break thru the physical layers of density, to replace many outdated structures with a brand new framework.

This process is as demanding as it is rewarding…as we deliberately and consciously smash down the walls that kept us trapped in physicality, we are simultaneously opening to newly imagined worlds within, bringing to light unactualized aspects that are permitting us to unhinge from causality like never before.

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