29 November 2017

NASA & the Solar System’s Climate Change ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S28:Ep1

** 9 December 20117 ~ Updated with notes **

David Wilcock has been busy cranking out these episodes, and I'm really way behind.

He's just come out with the first episode of Season 28, which thankfully someone has gifted because I only have two more free shares left for November to cover the remaining episodes of Season 27.

Thank you to Ronnie Harrison for this free view, which you can access at the following:

If memory serves, David has covered this topic before some time ago, perhaps this has more details are updated information.

Here's the given description:
As an introduction to this season, David Wilcock outlines the NASA data we will be exploring which reveals the detailed changes that each of the planets in our solar system is undergoing. We may finally have the scientific proof of a coming cosmic shift with the ultimate effect of a solar flash leading to a spontaneous ascension event for humanity....

  • Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend's Hamlet's Mill quotes 35 different ancient spiritual traditions that centre around the 25,000-year Precessional Cycle and the Golden Age that occurs at the end, with some of them suggesting a Solar Flash type of event
  • Tangible physical evidence of the impending shift can be seen in the Interplanetary climate changes in the Solar System, as documented by Dr Aleksey Dmitriev
  • Dr Dmitriev propsed that plasma balls from the Sun are transforming matter, energy and consciousness as they stream into the Solar System, potentially leading into a dimensional shift
  • His conclusions: 
  • Law Of One also links the ethical and spiritual development of the people in a given area to the climate
  • Similarly, ancient Asian cultures also link the strength of their leaders and ethical quality of the people to climate; they also blame bad weather on their own collective illness
  • Russian science also shows that pyramids also affect weather, able to harness and enhance the natural consciousness energies coming in that are activating our DNA
  • where "physical vacuum" refers to ether
  • Dr William Tifft and Dr Harold Aspden showed that red shifts are microwave frequencies, and that a galaxy is more like an onion with layers. This implies that the Sun goes through (discrete) dimensional shifts (from one "layer" to the next)
  • David also talks about Winn Free's book "Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce" and how he wasn't aware that his interview with the Winn would result in a book; David also talked about interplanetary climate change during this interview
  • David's article on these climate changes was stolen just before 911, edited with references and live links removed, and makes no mention of David. It was considerably shortened and made to look like it was about Russian scientists. This went viral, assumed to be read by tens of millions of people in the form of an email chain letter. "Channelers" even put their names on this article, claiming it as theirs
  • (Interestingly enough, this data theft ~ can't be called anything else ~ was a recent topic of "conversation" I had with someone. I've seen my things appearing on major sites without credit, and one image even had my blog name at the bottom cropped out)
  • One of the very many sites where David's stolen article appears, and people use this data to promote the hypothesis that Planet X is responsible
  • The Sun 99.86% of total mass in the Solar System; one planet will not do anything
  • Art Bell and Whitley Strieber's "The Coming Global Superstorm" tells of massive climate changes in the Northern Hemisphere due to collapse of thermo-cycling in Atlantic, resulting in a cold spell; this concept was used for "Day After Tomorrow" ~ "fear porn at its finest" by the Cabal ~ without any credit to these two authors
  • David saw this as an opportunity to reintroduce Dmitriev's data, using Art Bell's massive network but was asked to support it with Nasa's data, which David set out to find
  • This was the result:
  • David's research was published as his first major book, "Source Field Investigations" 2011, a NY Times bestseller
  • Nasa finally admitted in 2009 that we're entering a highly magnetic and hot cloud

  • In October 2015, Nasa announced that the gas was hotter than originally thought
  • Dr Merav Opher had calculated it to be about 6000 degrees C, and space is "supposed" to be cold
  • Scientists also believe the cloud is more magnetic than previously assumed
  • New model of our Heliosphere, which has a new "boundary" and an asymmetrical bend

  • David believes that perhaps the Heliosphere wasn't bent before because it wasn't getting so much force as it is right now
  • New model of Heliosphere:
  • Interestingly, the inner part looks like a sphere with smoke coming out of the top and bottom. David reminds us that Corey informed us that the Blue Avians placed a sphere of energy around the Solar System in 2012, same year that these new models were published
  • In 3D:

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