17 November 2017

Observing the Lightworker

"Lightworker" is the term I'm choosing to use in this (hopefully) short write-up, in its simplest of sense. We all know what that really means, so let's not get ourselves tripped up over definition or labels or anti-this or pro-that divisions over just a basic word :)

This isn't the first time I'm writing about this issue. I never thought I would once again mention it, but I'm sufficiently concerned to address it again.

Over the past two decades, I've seen/heard some pretty unpleasant stuff that goes on in the awakened and/or Lightworker community. Today, the "noise" has gotten louder, more prevalent and at times, more vicious, especially since the start of this year which heralded in several factors that worked insidiously and successfully in polarising pretty much everything that can be divided.

Recent developments in the intel arena have generated a fresh rash of emotions. From the reactions I see in Lightworker sources and groups, gloating, vengeful, mocking and malicious attitudes seem to have reached very high levels.

If we are supposed to be the awake and aware group that helps Humanity ride this transformation out, what then is our message to them, based on our reactions?

Are we not the ones who are meant to attain a certain level of consciousness so that we understand the bigger picture from a more expanded perspective?

Weren't we expected to have done sufficient inner clearing, releasing and healing in ourselves, so that we are able to become less of who we thought we were, and embrace more of Who We Really Are?

Where is our Light?

Namaste and Blessings....and....

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