14 November 2017

Post-11:11 ~ Celia Fenn ~ 13 November 2017

Source: Celia Fenn

Well here we are on the "other side" of the 11/11 Portal.
Wow that was a whammy!
I feel like I have a hang over!!!!
Truly the energy for the 11/11 was very powerful.

The Royal Regulus energy sure turbo powered the 11/11 this year. Yesterday I had to take it really easy, and I felt like every cell in my body was vibrating at an accelerated frequency!

So as we move towards the 12/12 in December, we have an opportunity to integrate these energies and see in what direction our soul will be leading us in the opening out of our New Earth pathways.

Now is not a time for action and change. Rather it is time for integration and quiet contemplation. Go with the flow and allow your soul to lead. Even if your soul is quiet, then it is a quiet time for you too.

After the Solstice in December, things will start to move again and you will be able to act on all the ideas and inspirations that are no doubt coming to you at this time.

Have a great week!

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