05 November 2017

Seeing Is....

We open our eyes and think we're seeing the whole world out there. 
But what has become clear ~ and really just in the last few centuries ~
is that when you look at the electro-magnetic spectrum we're seeing less than 1/10 billionth on the information that's riding in there.
Even though we accept the reality that's presented to us,
we're really only seeing a little window of what's happening.
So we call that visible light.
But everything else passing through our bodies is completely invisible to us.

Source: The Kingdom Within

The next time you think "seeing is believing", keep in mind that our eyes can only perceive 1/10 billionth of the total information that rides on the electromagnetic spectrum ~ Nassim Haramein


  1. I always say "believing is seeing" - It's actually mind boggling that there are common everyday sayings infused into society that seem innocent on the surface but when explored more deeply, they truly show how it was meant to keep us in this whacked out reality with false BELIEFS... this one is a perfect example of that.

    BTW... Hey Grace :D

    1. Hey Justin :D I was just having a discussion about this with a couple of people! I totally agree with you.

      Words....they are also "spells" that bind us to false beliefs.