18 November 2017

Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 17 November 2017

Timely update from Cobra, thank you! ~ key issues are clarified.
  • Operation Perseus is in progress. Nothing more can be said about that at this point.
  • The Chimera group is getting really worried and they are ramping up their defenses in Low Earth Orbit through their proxies within USAF
  • And there is more soft Disclosure going on
  • Rothschild-backed Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman has purged Bush-oriented Saudi faction that was partially responsible for 9-11
  • Mohammed bin Salman's agenda is consolidation of power to increase ties with Israel and begin regional war between Shia and Sunni Muslims that would serve Rothschild interests:
  • Positive and negative factions are still fighting for their influence over Trump.
  • QAnon leaks originate from the positive faction within NSA and are about 70% correct. Trump is NOT QAnon.
  • Although we are not there yet, there is a massive investigation against the Cabal taking place and it will ultimately lead to the mass arrests when the Chimera faction within the Air Force will not be able to cover the Cabal's back with their toplet bombs anymore.
  • Unusual number of sealed indictments is the most visible concrete proof of this massive investigation
  • Many members of the mid-level management of the Cabal are already cooperating and are willing to testify against the Cabal in exchange for amnesty.
  • Command PB Stardust Pleiadian protocol for removal of chronic pain has been proven to be about 80% effective.
  • The Light forces have requested that this protocol gets viral as it has the power to drastically reduce the amount of unnecessary suffering on the surface of the planet.
Please read the complete update at The Portal, which includes more details, links and a meditation to help "encourage" more Cabal middlemen to cooperate. 


  1. Thank you Grace for the recap/ digest/ summary.

    For redundency, my comment in that post's comment section:

    "Thank you Cobra, also for clarifying that Trump is NOT QAnon and that quite a large part of his intel (30%) is NOT correct, which has become obvious anyway (Podesta still not arrested, the US NOT a completely different place on Trump's return from Asia, etc. pp....)

    However, on reading that you classify 4 people's (2 pilots, 2 passengers) death over Buckinghamshire as a "warning" to the Rothschilds made my BS sensor meter deflect into deep red zone, Cobra. It would mean that one of the pilots was in kamikaze suicide mode and sacrificed his life and the ones of 3 others as a WARNING to the Rothschilds??? Sorry Cobra but I dare say that even with the tiniest application of common sense this part reeks like nonsense.

    (and people please don't start discussions like "both aircraft were in real unmanned drones" / false flag bla-bla. Might as well talk of black cats crossing from the right then... ;) )

    I know you appreciate us out here using our discerning wits, and also nonetheless, the rest of the update resonates as relevant."

    Thoughts welcome :)

  2. You have a totally valid point, Lee. That part of the update did induce a cringe from me. I must say though that the MSM coverage of this incident is like wildfire.

    I also found this most interesting....

    The plane was described thus:
    “You wouldn’t have recognised the plane as anything. It was nonexistent,”

    Also this....(if it's authentic)

    Even more questions now....

    Blessings :)

  3. I thought you'd hick-up at that paragraph, too.

    When the gas tanks get hit in the right angle and with a lot of thrust --> BOOOOM, consuming everything.

    The cause might have been totally mundane, "air traffic control services staff shortage":

    "A Notice to Airmen was previously issued to warn pilots that the airfield’s air traffic control services would be closed during three 30-minute periods on selected days between November 7-30 due to a “staff shortage”.

    The crash occurred about half an hour after the latest closure was due to end."

    I cannot view https://www.facebook.com/groups/CobraEthericLiberation/permalink/1545134218900824/ (closed group).

    The Light Is Winning

    1. I'll email you directly, it's an image.

      Another point to consider is that perhaps some rival faction issued the "warning". Rothschild = banking, Military = draco (and it's "convenient" for them to engineer in the case of this crash). They are at each other's throats now.

  4. Thank you Grace for the image. Here we go (sources below):

    ⚫ around the time of the collision, the air traffic control services was suffering from staff shortage, announced to be closed during three 30-minute periods on selected days between November 7-30. The crash occurred about half an hour after the latest closure was due to end. Investigations are ongoing if air traffic control was still compromised around the time of the crash

    ⚫ The pilot of the airplane was a very young only 18 year old aviation student, thus most likely very unexperienced (may you RIP, Saavan Mundae)

    ⚫ Also killed were Saavan Mundae's flight instructor, the helicopter pilot Mike Green and his flight student

    ⚫ The Cessna 152 was built in 1982, had flown more than 14,000 hours and had previously suffered substantial damage to its landing gear, propeller and engine following a crash at a Cornish airfield in 1993

    ⚫ The plance crash did not even occur above the Rothschild affiliated Waddesdon Manor estate but only close by

    ⚫ The Buckinghamshire estate is not owned by the Rothschild's anymore but only managed by them (owned by National Trust)






    I also posted into Cobra's blog and seconded my request to please indicate private subjective interpretations and opinions from hard Intel by writing "possibly" or "maybe" and alike. I dare say that the mission is way too important as to slide down onto Sheladan Nidle/ Benjamin Bulls**t/ Simon Parkes speculation swamp level .. ;)


    1. Thanks for providing more details, Lee :) Blessings