20 November 2017

The Art of Knowing ~ Cosmic Agent ~ 19 November 2017

Again, I don't know about its authenticity, but I found this message most encouraging.

Source: Cosmic Agent

I can see and hear that Many people around the planet are wondering whether any of these long promised positive changes are going to ever happen on the planet, well I can assure everyone they will happen. 

Tune into your inner knowing and let go of all doubts, fears, frustrations and learn to know the truth instead of believing anything. Intelligent conscious individuals including galactic humans that never believe anything they are always seeking to know for themselves instead believing this or that. 

I don't believe in anything you either know or you don't know. 

Believing means you don't know so you assume many things blindly and that is very limiting and detrimental learn to investigate internally everything . Blind believing has been one of the main cause of suffering and Negativity on the planet if you want to be a wise and free individual you need to learn the art of knowing. 

Yes all this changes everyone has heard about since many years are finally going to manifest. I can assure everyone on the planet that we are not talking in years anymore but days and months before big changes becomes visible.

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