29 November 2017

The Ezekiel Prophecies ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ 23 October 2017 ~ S27:Ep11

This is the second last free share I have for this month. I'll post the last one as late as possible tomorrow so that the viewing time is more spaced apart. Thankfully, there's only one episode left that's not yet been shared by anyone that I'm aware of.

Please watch here:

Description given:
David Wilcock examines prophecies of a coming mass evolutionary event that has been described in passages in the Old Testament. By looking at the numerical clues embedded in the Book of Ezekiel, we uncover the depiction of a cosmic cycle which culminates with a great solar flash. For some, this will be the ascension into a light body with everlasting life. Visions of such a future were relayed through the King’s dream of five metals, representing humanity moving into a new golden age. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast October 23, 2017.

Some slides shown in this episode:

Prophecies of Daniel from The Book of Daniel:
where "the king" could be a reference to the Cabal.

"South" and "North" may not be literal, they are symbolic.

where "Michael" is Archangel Michael. The "time of distress" appears to be now, our current timeframe. The "book" is the Book of Life, or the Hero's Journey, and relates to people who are ready for Ascension.

Sleeping in the dust of life may mean the trials of being here on Earth.

The prophecy isn't for that time, but for a later period.

"A time, times and half a time" may mean the tipping point between 3rd and 4th dimension, or the mid-point between higher and lower chakras, or the weighing of the heart against the feather.

From Book of Isaiah:
No more wars (weapons).

House of Jacob could be Cabal bloodline.

Sounds like Solar Flash, and going underground for safety.

Could be a reference to immortality, Ascension.

Referencing the Solar Flash.

Could be a protective shield, or sphere of Light, or Solar Flash glow.

Ezekiel's Prophecy contains many numbers and measurements, that could refer to the transformation of Earth.

Several references to 25,000 ~ could be related to the precession cycle.

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