14 November 2017

The Fractal Field ~ Michael Glickman ~ 13 November 2017

Source: Michael Glickman on Crop Circles


Every crop circle season’s end is both remarkable and bewildering. It takes some months to find what might be the most effective approach to understanding. I have come to rely on two guidance systems.

The first and most obvious is the crop circles themselves and I use drawings as the main gateway. I have drawn the formations every year since 1990 but this year, for the first time, I felt impelled, almost instructed, to draw every crop circle as soon as it appeared. This has never happened before and the result is that my living room wall still displays a complete set of 2017 formations. Living with a comprehensive visual record of the season, I am very impressed with the quality and variety of this year’s gifts.  I believe that 2017 gave us a notable and possibly historic display.

The Crop Circle Teatime meetings offer the second system, almost a litmus test. I must admit that I have found these visiting international groups bring an accurate yearly sense of how the human spirit shifts. Fifteen years ago the Q&As were overwhelmed by doubts generated by the man-made nonsense; this is no longer even mentioned!

Despite my enthusiasm for this year’s offerings, I felt unable to discuss the year usefully for a while. Karen Alexander suggested, with her usual prescience and wisdom, that having posted The Circle and Its Centre, 23rd “January 2017, Squareness Reconsidered, 6th March 2017 and Phive Pointed Star, 10th April 2017 the fourth and final component of the set had to be crop circle fractals. As always I am grateful; this is an under-explored aspect of the crop circle story.


We were giddy at the end of the 1991 crop circle summer. After the surprises of 1990’s  East Field event and its attendant siblings, the 1991 revelations of the now classic Barbury Castle equilateral triangle were almost indigestible. And then, on 17th August 1991 at Ickleton near Cambridge, a majestic and beautifully made cardioid-shaped formation (1) appeared.

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