29 November 2017

Urgent – Black Alert Meditation – Your Help is Needed! ~ Ada Shaw, Prepare For Change ~ 28 November 2017

Checking The Portal showed that the situation is at "red", unless Cobra has yet to update the status. At any rate, whatever the alert level, there is no denying that many of us can feel the intense urgency in the energies over the past week.

Understandably, it's not possible to be meditating every four hours, so please just do whatever you can. Even just taking a moment to send energies to the Light Forces is appreciated.

Source: Prepare For Change

Since the situation is still very critical, Cobra has asked ALL the Lightworkers to perform the Alert meditation at four hour intervals, in order to help the Light Forces resolve this urgent situation.

Here’s the link to the Facebook Event for this meditation :


It will be held at the following times:

•    12 AM GMT

(4PM California, 7PM New York, 1AM Berlin, 2AM Cairo, 3AM Istanbul, 5:30AM Mumbai, 8AM Taipei, 9AM Tokyo, 11AM Sydney, 1PM Auckland)

•    4 AM GMT

(8PM California, 11PM New York, 5AM Berlin, 6AM Cairo, 7AM Istanbul, 9:30AM Mumbai, 12PM Taipei, 1PM Tokyo, 3Pm Sydney, 5PM Auckland)

•    8 AM GMT

(12AM California, 3AM New York, 9AM Berlin, 10AM Cairo, 11AM Istanbul, 1:30PM Mumbai, 4PM Taipei, 5PM Tokyo, 7PM Sydney, 9PM Auckland)

•    12 PM GMT

(4AM California, 7AM New York, 1PM Berlin, 2PM Cairo, 3PM Istanbul, 5:30PM Mumbai, 8PM Taipei, 9PM Tokyo, 11PM Sydney, 1AM Auckland)

•    4 PM GMT

(8AM California, 11AM New York, 5PM Berlin, 6PM Cairo, 7PM Istanbul, 9:30PM Mumbai, 12AM Taipei, 1AM Tokyo, 3AM Sydney, 5AM Auckland)

•    8 PM GMT

(12PM California, 3PM New York, 9PM Berlin, 10PM Cairo, 11PM Istanbul, 1:30AM Mumbai, 4AM Taipei, 5AM Tokyo, 7AM Sydney, 9AM Auckland)

You can convert GMT time zone into your local time using this link:

Guided audios for the Black Alert Meditation can be found here: 

***Note: This is the same meditation we did at the solar eclipse in August – you just need to change the line “through the eclipsed sun” to “through the sun”.]

You can provide energetic support to the Light Forces by doing the meditation at any time you feel so guided!

Please continue with the meditation details here.

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