13 December 2017

12:12 Gateway ~Time of Remembering ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 4 December 2017

"Remembering" is also one of the key points brought up by The Nine via Magenta Pixie in their recent message that focusses on this month of December. The feeling of anxiety is also identified and elaborated upon in this guidance via Jenny Schiltz. That's definitely one strong emotion that I've been tapping into for a few weeks now, and have mentioned it a couple of time here on my blog.

This guidance also talks about our Planet being positioned in the Galactic field; I assume that would be the impending approach of Earth to the Galactic Centre.

“Is this what I would like to carry with me as I evolve into higher timelines?”

Source: Jenny Schiltz

This is a very important time, one that has been described by my team as the Time of Remembering. It began the 3rd week of November and will go into the 3rd week of January. This time will encompass the energetic gateways such as the 12:12, 1:1 and 1:11. While these gateways are important, I am told that the entire time has significance.

What the Time of Remembering means will differ for each person. For some it will be the embodiment of their higher aspect, for others, it will mean a redefining or who they are, and for some, this time will be a trigger for awakening even deeper. Regardless of where you are in this process, it is intense. There will be lessons, triggers and intense downloads. This is a marathon and not a sprint, as my team reminds me.

I sat down with my team to achieve greater clarity as these energies make it struggle to pull concepts together. So I decided it is time to ask questions (hopefully they do not seem random or out of order) and simply listen:

What does the Time of Remembering mean?

It means that all are being shown who they are and also who they are not. One will see what they need to, experience what they need to in order to step fully into their power and embody all that they are. Another will be shown very clearly where they have given away their power to institutions, beliefs, and other people. Most of you will experience a melding of both. As you embody all that you are in each moment, all that you are not must also come to light. Understand that in each moment you are being given a choice.

What type of choice?

You are being given a choice to push past all the doubt and disbelief and honor who you know that you are at your core. In order to do this, all the layers of the matrix must fall away. This can be liberating for some, but many experience deep discomfort as all that they know is being challenged.

Are all in the Soul embodiment phase?

Yes, at one stage or another. Even the beginning of one’s awakening, that initial trigger, can be seen as the beginning of the embodiment phase.

Are the first wavers, wayshowers and pioneers at the final stage of embodiment?

Yes, but understand that Soul embodiment takes place moment by moment. We prefer to use the term Anchoring in the Soul Source or what has been known as the I AM for those in these groupings. It is a particularly intense and physically demanding time for all undergoing this process and many are finding the need to withdraw completely from the collective energies.

Does this coincide with the timeline convergence taking place?

Yes and the positioning of the earth in the Galactic field. It is the time that many have been waiting for, yet not many understood what it would mean to live during this time.

Is this why anxiety feel heightened in many?

Yes, at this time much is collapsing within and without. Density is continuing to leave the human form, collapsing what once was, and allowing for the growth of greater activations. At the same time much is collapsing in your outer reality as more awaken.

It is resistance to this collapsing that creates much anxiety in the body. One must be aware that not all one is feeling is meant to be owned.

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