29 December 2017

2018 Transformation ~ Romeo Baron ~ 23 December 2017

Source: Ascension Energies

Solar activity is a key to turning on genetic switches for Human DNA Activation. Our Sun is like a giant portal for the Cosmic Christ Light that is coming in the first part of 2018 as we stand at the threshold through 2022, with a massive wave carrying High frequency light codes that will completely descend upon our Earth, raising the vibrational frequency like no other. The Light will shine down and interpenetrate the density of matter, making it translucent, less dense. We will experience a dynamic recalibration in the electromagnetic fields of the Earth's grid system on a global scale.

This energetic wave pattern Event is what will trigger a radical shift in consciousness, activating our highest DNA potential. Resurrecting the ability for full regeneration that is our natural state. The activation of our bio-circuitry system, new neural pathways, and the recalibration of our DNA will trigger new perceptions, and new sensory impulses.

As our Earth transforms from the inside out which is a necessary purification, a great purge of all that is not in resonant with our ascending planet and all within us, the veil will be lifted, and our new earth will emerge. The formless will take form, the form that animates our divine blueprint. And we will perceive the world with unimaginable beauty. Multi-Dimensional reality and the interconnectedness to all things will be as clear as Sunlight.

Our majestic radiance of Christ Light Expanded Consciousness will set the world a Light in its magnificence. Our new Earth will be without fear, without war, without greed. In a safe custodianship of an awakened divine human species. Manifesting peace, love, light, and celebration.

Released and transformed, into a multi-dimensional, eternal, sovereign, Soul Humanity. Conscious, Whole, and Free. 🌏 

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