21 December 2017

Solstice Vibes

A Solstice gift from the Dolphin Beings 💜  What a fabulous treat for today! Please view this short clip at Storyful News, thanks to Galactic Historian for posting it.

After a very hectic and at times chaotic few weeks, I finally am able to cocoon myself today for some Solstice solitude. My focus and attention was so scattered for much of December ~ it felt like so many people (and situations) required my attention. I'm not saying this to imply some degree of popularity or whatever, those who know me well enough will confirm that I'm a semi-hermit :)  I feel that it's because there's truly an Awakening epidemic, and our energies are being subconsciously sought in some way by those who are beginning to step into their own empowerment and truth.

Today is a good day for me to listen to a couple of high-vibe audios, repeat a Soul Contract Revocation (or two!), do some smudging, play my background frequencies continuously and of course, participate in the December Solstice Meditation!

When I checked my phone in the late morning just an hour ago, this screensaver greeted me (please excuse the notification obscuring the 11:11 time):

Happy Solstice to all! 🌞  Namaste and Blessings....

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