24 December 2017

A Spaceman Came Travelling ~ Chris de Burgh & Celtic Woman

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This year, I will continue with my token Disclosure attempt by once again posting Chris de Burgh's "A Spaceman Came Travelling" in two versions, the first from the composer himself, and the other from Celtic Woman.

I have been doing this since 2012, with a break in 2016 because I found it just too challenging to deal with the thought that another "festive" season has come around without obvious and massive positive changes to the world. Each year during this period, I have to deal with Christmas, New Year and then Chinese New Year, all within a duration of about 4-6 weeks, depending on the Lunar Calendar. It's not the best of times for me.

So this year, I have resumed my little "tradition" that I consider my symbolic stand against the deception over the actual date of birth of Jesus, the associated "religion" that they control, and the horrific ritual of the "holy communion".

Please listen to Chris de Burgh singing "A Spaceman Came Travelling" here.

The version by Celctic Woman is here.

May the Light of the Christ Consciousness illuminate your path always!

A spaceman came travelling on his ship from afar,
'Twas light years of time since his mission did start,
And over a village he halted his craft,
And it hung in the sky like a star, just like a star

He followed a light and came down to a shed,
Where a mother and child were lying there on a bed,
A bright light of silver shone round his head,
And he had the face of an angel, and they were afraid

Then the stranger spoke, he said "Do not fear,
I come from a planet a long way from here,
And I bring a message for mankind to hear, "
And suddenly the sweetest music filled the air

And it went La La
Peace and goodwill to all men, and love for the child

This lovely music went trembling through the ground,
And many were wakened on hearing that sound,
And travellers on the road, the village they found,
By the light of that ship in the sky, which shone all round

And just before dawn at the paling of the sky,
The stranger returned and said "Now I must fly,
When two thousand years of your time has gone by,
This song will begin once again, to a baby's cry"

And it went La La This song will begin once again
To a baby's cry
And it goes La La Peace and goodwill to all men, and
Love for the child

Oh the whole world is waiting, waiting to hear the song again,
There are thousands standing on the edge of the world,
And a star is moving somewhere, the time is nearly here,
This song will begin once again, to a baby's cry

Songwriters: Chris De Burgh
A Spaceman Came Traveling lyrics © BMG Rights Management US, LLC

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