23 December 2017

"All Hearts On Deck" ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 20 December 2017

I'll just briefly mention it a personal experience here since Denise Le Fay talks in more details about something like it.

About a month ago, I had planned to meet a new Lightworker/Lightwarrior with considerable access to potentially awaken many more people. Our discussions usually evolve around topics that I feel would further help in his mission, and always involve Disclosure-type topics as well as the Ascension process. On the way to our rendezvous, I tripped for no reason at all as I was crossing the road. As I fell (in slow-motion....I know, this sounds so Hollywood....) I was mentally shouting to myself, "This can't be happening!" repeatedly. I instinctively flung out my left arm to break my fall, and it took the brunt of my weight as I clumsily half-landed on the ground.

I quickly realised that if I hadn't broken my fall, I would have hit my forehead with full force on the edge of the kerb. My arm, shoulder and back were in considerable pain, and it was only after a few days that I tried "Command PB Stardust" (because I thought it was only for chronic pain). Repeated applications of that drastically sped up recovery time :)

Love and Gratitude to the Pleiadians and their protocol 💖

Source: High Heart Life

In one of Sandra Walter’s recent articles she used this great term ‘All hearts on deck’ indicating that, well, it was needed now. I’m borrowing it for this article for multiple reasons.
Before I go any further, this is one of those articles/information where I paused before writing it to inquire and discern at higher levels whether or not it was something I should share publicly now. Usually when what I write about is based exclusively on what I’ve experienced, there’s no need for me to check at higher levels if it’s appropriate to share certain information or not. If it isn’t I sense it and just leave those parts out of my article(s). However, in this case what I’ve experienced was connected to another person, one I admire and respect greatly for their elevated and accurate Ascension related Works. I’m talking about Sandra Walter, so, because another person’s energetic and physical Works were involved to a certain degree with what I’ve experienced, I checked in at higher levels first to decide if my experience would be insightful enough to call for it being shared publicly. I perceived it would so I’m going to go ahead and share what I’ve experienced in relation to Sandra Walter’s (weekly) Sunday ‘Global Unity Meditation’ recently. At first it may sound like I’m talking about a big negativity but I’m not. All hearts on deck remember? Not fear on deck, not weakness, retreat, shock or confusion but all Radiant HighHearts on deck… and bring your Lightwarrior attitude with you for the moment as well. 🙂

Since September 2017, I’ve repeatedly sensed that I should make a PayPal donation to Sandra Walter at the end of December this year. Every time I’ve felt this over these past months I’ve wondered what was up but didn’t ponder it any deeper than acknowledge it and try to remember to do so before this year is up. I’ve never perceived this before with her or anyone else so it has remained a highlighted question point in my awareness since September.

If you are on Sandra Walter’s mailing list and receive updates from her, then you’ve heard about her having been in a car accident Saturday, December 16, 2017. I don’t know any more about this than what she wrote in her latest notification sent out yesterday, December 19th. Evidently she is okay, no doubt feeling rather beat-up, bruised and sore from head to toe however, but her car died in this accident. So there’s my answer as to why I was sensing I needed to make a donation to Sandra by the end of December 2017. All hearts on deck. ❤

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