02 December 2017

Cambodia’s Angkor Wat: Geater Amounts of Stone than all the Egyptian Pyramids Combined ~ Stefan A, Vintage News ~ 30 November 2017

This is like a continuation of the previous post on Angkor Wat (here). 

Is there something about this structure? I certainly was also not aware that Angkor Wat had that massive amounts of stone. I've pulled out some interesting details from the article, which thankfully didn't suggest thousands of slaves lugging massive blocks of stone around:
  • As smooth as highly polished marble, the stones that compose Angkor were laid without the use of mortar. The joints between the pieces are so tight that it is sometimes hard to even notice.
  • Angkor Wat was made out of at least 5 million and perhaps as many as 10 million sandstone blocks. The maximum weight of each block would have been roughly 1.5 tons
  • The building resource was transported all the way from a quarry situated on Mount Kulen, some 25 miles northeast of Angkor.
  • ....literally all of the facades, pillars, lintels, and even the roofs composing Angkor Wat are carved.... miles of reliefs illustrating scenes and depictions....unicorns, griffins, or winged dragons pulling chariots.....warriors following a leader mounted on an elephant or celestial girls dancing with some intricate hair styles. ("Celestial" girls? unicorns? griffiths?)
Please read the complete article at Vintage News. 

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