13 December 2017

Christ Light Building Up ~ Tim Whild ~ 13 December 2017

To all the beautiful people in the South ~ I am aware, your days are getting longer :)

Source: Tim Whild

The building of the Christ Light is becoming more powerful as the nights get longer.

Five years ago exactly we stepped into the eighteen year window of the fourth dimension, and all of our work truly started.

I always see it as life ‘before and after’ the Cosmic Moment. If things are coming up for you right now just breathe deeply and move into flow, this is perfectly natural.

For every moon, Solstice, Equinox and astrological event there is a rise in frequency, and a need for us to keep pace. This is the new nature of our reality as we jog or run to keep step with the increase in our vibration.

If you are still unsure of your pathway be patient as everyone has a Divine Plan that is being brought forward. Be vigilant with your thoughts, your creations and most importantly your conversations with the Universe.

As Within So Without.
As Above So Below.

Love Tim

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