28 December 2017

Cintamani ~ Alan Vargas ~ 25 December 2017

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Source: Order of the Star

In 2014 I found myself back at my childhood home after a traumatic event in my life. I was living in a small secluded town where I connected with a good friend. We united through the Sisterhood of the Rosegroup from the area. This friend had just recently found the location of a very sacred stone known as Cintamani.

We chose the date and traveled into the desert for a few hours. During that time we both found a few small pieces, I found 13 pieces. I kept one piece for myself and decided to gift the remaining twelve as I found people that I thought could connect with it. The stone radiated a strange energy, within a few weeks of finding this stone my whole world flipped upside down and I found myself traveling to Colorado for a few months.

Since I found this stone, my healing has accelerated. My issues, traumas, projections, all of these came to the front and I was forced to deal with it. I removed all the negative things from my life naturally and I got healthier through instinct. It began with removing toxic people from my life. Then I took several months of my life to be alone in self reflection and healing. I then started to align with like minded people. I started to do all of the things I loved and only worked doing things that I enjoyed. I started to eat healthier, I became vegetarian and then eventually vegan. I drank only the best water, distilled, alkaline water. I am by no means a saint or think I am fully healed of my traumas, but at least I know where the issues are and am taking steps to address them. The reality I wanted to live in started to manifest. Now I am provided with amazing opportunities and I will use all of my abundance that is arriving now and coming in the future toward building an area of light.

Throughout the years I have heard of many powerful stones but one always interested me, the Philosopher's Stone. I was interested in Hermetism and Alchemy was fascinating to me. I felt as though I knew it from before, but I also felt it was symbolic and most of what was explained was not literal. I kept looking in to the subject and found that many cultures revered a stone like this. In the Asian culture there is the Cintamani Stone- the wish fulfilling jewel, a stone that is said to grant the wishes of anyone who possess it. I was obviously immediately interested!

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