02 December 2017

Energy Update for December 2017 ~ Lee Harris

Good advice for us all!

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Main themes this month include:

BRING YOURSELF TO LIFE could be the theme for December.

HEART ENERGY is going to be big this month. There may be some impactful things for you and your heart - things that bring up grief or heartbreak or release; but there will also be incredible, wondrous periods of connection, intimacy and you feeling very safe to be in your feelings and alive on this planet.

WONDER will link with Heart Energy. This month you are going to have many invitations to wonder. There will be special moments with people you perhaps thought you'd never have those moments with, healings with people that you thought you would never have such a healing with - but also a sense of wonder with yourself and your own ability to create.
The GRIEF period will be over for many of you. The grief period has been quite strong for the past several years, but we are now in a place where we can see things differently and understand that we are here to be a part of the transition, part of the change.

ALMIGHTY CHANGE is happening at this time on the planet. Be careful of being seduced by what we think that change "is". We can get the idea that because we're on a spiritual path or a lightworker that we're doing this grand thing. It's fine to celebrate that, but don't get seduced into thinking it's something bigger than what the doctor or the mother down the street are doing. That can lead to separation between you and the next person who may know nothing or care nothing for spiritual ideals, but is full of heart, is full of presence and is also here for the transition.

Remember, FEAR ENERGY creates division and separation and retraction. Fear energy is pumped out to the world quite regularly from several sources. So you really need to monitor how you are feeling. What do you need? What are you doing today? When you take care of all of those things, you naturally become more generous towards others.

2018 to 2024 – These years are going to be ON in a big way. A lot of lightworkers, spiritually minded folk, empaths and sensitives are being galvanized and grounded right now for the coming 4 to 10 years on the planet.

So if you still have depression or deflation or anything that you feel you need to clear out - give yourself to it. Take it seriously. Don't just talk about it with your friends for a few years - take some action around it. Are there supplements you need? Do you need to consider weekly therapy? What is it you're going to need to help bring yourself back to life?

If you are not looking after yourself well, you can fall into resentments, judgment, anger and frustration. So if any of those emotions are bubbling up for you, the emotions aren't wrong, but the situation you are in might be. So think about that. Is there anything you need to adjust in the coming month?

This is a common thing for sensitives, lightworkers. So just trust that you don't owe anybody anything, but when you look after yourself well, you will naturally want to do for others.

How are you feeling this month? Let us know in the comments below...

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