08 December 2017

Faces, Horus and the December Solstice

This is another just-me post, sharing some things that intrigued me. So please don't take it as more than just me rambling :) As with most of these postings, there's an element (or more) of Synchronicity presenting, and you know how much I love Synchronicity!

It all started when people pointed out faces they identified on two images that I had posted not too long ago:
Space Observing System
 So I took another look. What I saw in the SR image was this:
It looked to me like Horus from the back, on the left side. I mentioned this to the dear friend who first said she saw a face on this image (not the same as what I saw), and she did a quick check, returning to me with this bit of information:
This was just this morning, and I saw Cobra's post a couple of hours later, stressing the critical turning-point during the December Solstice. That's only a fortnight away!

There's no doubt that we are already in a period where every moment is crucial, in terms of the Planetary situation and where Humanity is poised right now on the Collective Consciousness scale. I do hope that a global meditation will be organised for the Solstice, and I've made this request to We Love Mass Meditation.

In any case, we should intend/meditate/pray/whatever works for you for the most positive outcome ever!

Namaste and Blessings!


  1. Yes yes Grace indeed ~ certain “ instruments” that many of us are watching but also our own beingnesses our own consciousnesses are sensing Nibiru’s close approach (and all of the other motherships and other ships etc) as we all gather close now to prepare for Breakthrough

    Nibiru = Neb-Heru which means
    “House Of Heru”
    It’s also sometimes referred to as “Bennu” And has other loving nicknames like “Wormwood” etc....

    It feels so incredible to “feel” everyone so close to each other now ~ even though technically there is no time or space essentially, but the “magnetics” are certainly amplifying now for so many reasons, since our “powers” aren’t fully reconstructed and our new powers are only just beginning to activate ~ So this growing “closeness” is certainly assisting with our connecting, communicating and feeling of this closeness ;)
    wow it’s just soooo WONDERFUL to “feel” this all happening ~ to feel our ancient soul families, our “mythic” ancestors so close to us now, so close from within & from without.