20 December 2017

Global Separation of Worlds ~ Lisa Renee ~ 18 December 2017

A few portions of this article from Lisa Renee may seem familiar, as she has also covered them in her recent newsletter "Energetic Parasites". This is definitely a good read, and again, very reassuring to know that Cosmic forces are unfolding to initiate a Cosmic Reset.

Source: Energetic Synthesis

The alignment that occurs between Earth, the Sun and the Milky Way is magnified into a specific demarcation point in the timelines that separates the worlds, which begins another stage of mass soul transiting on the cusp moving from the constellation of Ophiuchus and into Sagittarius on December 18th. Many groups of souls and entities that have been in the lower dimensional planes of the earth for multiple millennia, are being transited out through the Galactic Window that forms as a result of the intersection between the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate meeting upon the Galactic Equator. As this wave of soul groups leave the lower dimensions of the earth realm, within the celestial structure that mirrors the planetary body from the heavens, the unified solar principle returns to our planet through the birth of new stars.

The Galactic alignment this year brings the Mother’s Cosmic Aether to ignite Aqualeyon, the restoration between the Cosmic Mother and her Sun, which intensely animate the solar fire’s power of resurrection throughout the tenth stage of the alchemical laws. This alchemical law brings a massive amplification of the forces that are transmitting from the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate, which generates the merge between the liquid golden-silver plasma light transmitting from the Silver Gate of Man and the Golden Gate of the Gods. The ancients called this circuit path made around the galactic equator, the Gate of the Gods or The Golden Gate. The river of living waters from the Mothers Creatrix, Rainbow Krystal Waters, flow out from the throne of God and unify into the dimensional doorway of The Golden Gate, transmitting to our planet at the end of the Ascension Cycle.
As a result there are powerful alchemical forces occurring within this week of the Winter Solstice between the Cosmic Mother Sophianic principle and her Solar Sun, which opens the ascension gateway that emphasizes recoding and healing for the masculine wound and feminine reversals, in order to unify both inner aspects. This week is a time of intense spiritual initiation, accretion and anchoring to prepare for new embodiment levels that recode the physical self to be congruent in the new time cycle. The macrocosm event reflects upon the microcosm of our personal lives. Thus, this may bring intense levels of transformation and transmutation of family of origin miasmatic patterns, shadow forces, energetic parasites and related dark entities that are being purged out of the earth body and the human body.  

As we move into the next stage of the Ascension Cycle, the New Year that begins Morphogenesis, we enter the beginning of a new time cycle that is the game changer between those functioning on earth as non-empaths or empaths. This is redefining the state of being within those soul groups that gain access to equal exchanges of energy resources that are delineated between Service to Self versus Service to Others consciousness levels. In the previous cycle, energy distribution was weighted toward Service to Self entities for a variety of reasons, mainly because the planetary architecture was filled with alien software that set up closed source systems that supported mass parasitism. Currently, the energy distribution is shifting which changes levels of access into other dimensional planes, and which groups get access into the planetary field architecture. This is similar to saying that the planet has a new trinity wave access code within its Universal coordinate location, and those that are without the access code cannot leave and cannot come in from Universal Gates without being subjected to the Krystal Star Guardian Host protocols.  This transformation of access code levels into the multiple levels of dimensional planes that interface with earth is a form of planetary crisis management and is also the result of the new cycle of Morphogenesis.

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