13 December 2017

Higher Vibrations ~ Paul Selig ~ 12 December 2017

Source: Empath 1111

Each human being has the innate ability to experience the other worlds that are ever-present. But they have been veiled and aligned to in dense form, so your experience has been limited.

In the lifting that we do with you, you begin to claim things outside of collective agreement, and not only for your own good, but for the good of all you meet. You see, as you exist in a higher alignment, you align what you see by the presence of your being. But if what you see is condemned by you, claimed in lower nature, you are standing there with it in that accord. As the lifting happens in your field, the physical body must become acclimated at the level of vibration that you are now holding. And the disassemblance of the physical form happens in a way that you may not comprehend intellectually, but will experience as the system you know yourself as is appropriated to be the vessel in consort with your intent and requirements for growth and learning.

Paul Selig - The Book of Truth
A Channeled text

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