30 December 2017

Intentions of 3D/5D Gaia into Celestial Consciousness (Freedom from the Fallen Systems) ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 28 December 2017

The Nine elaborates upon some very good questions submitted by viewer, from their perspective of the Ascension process of the Planet and her Humanity. The answers are excellent, and so is the additional information from Magenta Pixie. I've provided a very summarised answer to the questions, but listening to the actual video will enable a much more comprehensive understanding of the bigger picture. You may find that you already know many of the answers, but for me, I still appreciated the expanded explanations.

Some of the questions:

  • Does Gaia intend to maintain a 3D representation following her ascension to 4D/5D? (summarised answer, yes)
  • May we assume that The Nine believe that the 3D framework of Earth will remain for those choosing to continue at that level? (summarised answer, yes)
  • If so, is that 3D representation an apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic expression, or a healed Illuminati/Nephilim framework where 3D is experienced as it's generally meant to be? (yes to both, from 3D ~ we were never meant to experience 3D as a hijacked and controlled system. From 5D, it was an "experience" from a created construct, and this is something we have to learn to "exit" as a "game-master")
  • Is the DNA of humans returned to full activation with extended life-spans etc in that 3D expression (No, because full activation occurs only when ascended, full activation takes us into 5D. In 5D, you have conscious choice about everything, including life-span. After this Ascension cycle, those in 3D will have the option of individual ascension, because Collective Ascension ~ which is what we are going through now ~ will not be an option until the next cycle.)

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